Below is a 23 ft. enclosed apartment balcony in Santa Monica.  Another litter box out of the house!  These guys are really enjoying their new found freedom...and a great view!

Out the kitchen window......

And into the new backyard Catio!

This one was a real challenge! How to get these guys out the kitchen window and into a backyard catio...SAFELY?  A tunnel , of course!

Hmmm, is that a bottle of wine...?

Thanks for the photos Susan!!

This little guy can't believe his good fortune...

"You mean I can come outside anytime I want ?"

This redwood stained beauty, located in Altadena, has a shingled roof (with gutters) and a through-wall cat door.  Mary is thrilled that she can finally open her windows and let the cool evening breeze in, without fear of letting her cats escape!

Here is our latest project in Palm Desert...

Here's my latest build in Palm Desert.....

This client has dedicated herself to the happiness of cats both tame and fetal.  She traps and spay/neuters, feeds feral colonies. adopts and fosters.  So when she and her husband bought a new house she converted not only the garage but the carport into a GIANT CATIO.  With the help of The Catio King, of course.  You're a Saint, Jasmine!!!!

And now for something completely different!

Originally, our client thought that they needed to enclose the entire yard.  When we came up with this idea (saving her loads of $$$), she was thrilled!

The result?  400 square feet of kitty cat sanctuary!

BEFORE...                                                              AFTER...


You call Catio King,

        of course!!

Through the tunnel (after a short rest!)....

What do you do when you just bought a new house, there's a baby on the way, you have 4 cats and a wide open side yard?


Now we're getting serious!

This screened in, side-yard atrium needed to match a larger pergola in the back yard so we used rough-sawn lumber, stained it to match the house trim, and covered the top with clear, poly-carbonate sheets.  Add a few cat trees and voila', happy outdoor cats!

Translucent roof panels provide light but not too much sun!

My first build near our new home in Palm Springs!  This luxury motor coach has a large porch that was perfectly suited for a catio!  The catio door opens to a large play (and rest!) area with our usual multi-level perches for a cat's eye view of the outside world.  Thanks Diane!!!