This monster Custom Catio near San Diego is almost 10' tall.  Built under an existing overhang, it features a cat door leading into a closet, a secondary security gate and "plantation" doors for a clean,

elegant look.  A series of shelves includes a wind-break area and a decorative railing for that extra, custom touch!

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First, lets agree...outdoor cats are happier cats!

2) While your cat is outside enjoying the view

in their new CATIO, they aren't shedding on

your furniture!

3) Wouldn't you like that litter box out of the

house-of course you would!  Put it in your CATIO!

4) And how about those food and water bowls that always seem to be under-foot...out they go to the CATIO!

5) Your cat can escape to their CATIO sanctuary while you're vacuuming! Those things are evil!!!!

​6) With your new CATIO'S multi-way cat door YOU are in charge! Remember what it was like when you could sleep in on a Sunday morning?

7) You can sleep easy with the comfort of knowing that your furry friend is safe in their CATIO from predators like coyotes, possums and raccoons.  Even if they are only after the cat food! 

8) On rainy days your  CATIO will keep your cat dry and happy...and you won't have to clean up those wet paw prints all over your floor or carpet!

​9) With your CATIO'S optional security camera, you can check in on your pets any time any where with your computer, tablet, or phone.

Did the kids remember to feed the cats and fill the water bowl? You won't have to ask...

10) Lastly, even though you didn't think it was possible, your feline friend is going to love you even more! 

All because you cared enough to give them a CATIO!

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Here's a sampling of our work!


A Couple More Covered Patio Catios!

Pre-painted, pet screen netted Custom Catio, built on an existing covered, concrete patio

Standard unpainted Catio with a slanted roof and linoleum covered raised floor. Plexiglass panels provide a break from wind and rain while still allowing a clear view (of squirrels and birds!)


Hardware cloth mesh

Now installing "coyote rollers"...

​This is the Oscillot system from Australia!


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A gate located just behind the Catio entrance helps assure that the cats don't get out when you're getting in!  Especially with your hands full!

​An Enclosed Balcony in Beverly Hills...



​4-way cat door for house/Catio access

6' x12' Custom Catio with raised plywood floor, standard shingle roof (with skylight!) and multi-layer shelving.


Ready for cats!!!

Some Things To Think About When Designing Your Catio

-Will the Catio be attached to the house?

-Do you need a cat door?  4-way cat doors from the house or garage to the Catio, allow you to control their passage.

-Does the Catio sit on an existing concrete or similar surface, or will it need to be built above a dirt or grass area,  in which case it will need its own floor.  There are many options including bare plywood, linoleum or composite wood flooring.  Floors are raised off the ground, most often sitting on a series of concrete blocks.

-Is the Catio to be placed under an existing covering such as an awning or covered porch?  if not, it will likely need its own roof.  Polycarbonate or PVC panel roofs are an excellent option as they are light weight, come in a variety of colors, and can be either translucent, transparent or opaque depending on how much light you want.

-How much shelving(perches) and at how many levels? I don't recommend carpeted shelves as they are hard to maintain.  Instead I suggest the use portable cat beds or blankets which can be easily removed and washed.

-Do you want the structure painted to match the house?  If so, all lumber is pre-painted.  Painting after the Catio is covered in mesh is a mess!

-Will your Catio need an exterior door (probably)? Doors are generally 2' in width and have a latch (that will accommodate a lock) and a basic handle on the outside and a hook-and-loop latch and handle on the inside.

                           Lockable latch and handle outside                 Hook and eye latch and handle inside

-All Catios are covered in 1/2" hardware cloth (see photo).  I have, in the past, used the much cheaper chicken wire but have found that no matter how I cut it, it always has "pokey" edges making it unsuitable for pets and humans.

                                           1/2" Hardware Cloth                                                   1" Chicken Wire

-Finally, in high wind areas some portions of my Catios can be covered in plywood or plexiglass to provide a safe haven for your pet.

Now you know why they are called CUSTOM CATIOS!

Call me and we can talk about these and any other concerns that you might have!   Chris (760) 424-9789

Area rugs cover the bare concrete, multiple shelves and a cat tree keep these  cats dry, warm and happy! 

​Here's one in San Diego...

211 West Mesquite Ave., Palm Springs CA